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Get all the information you need as you type without leaving the app, wherever you are, you can use Microsoft Word 2019 from any device. Share your documents with the click of a button to invite others to edit in realtime or add comments. In addition, regardless of your preferred language or full accessibility options, everyone can work together to make the work or project integrated.

Resume reading

A new feature included in Word 2019 called Resume Reading. This feature enables you to follow the document exactly where you left off. This is a great and very practical feature in Microsoft Word 2019 especially if you're working with a long document, you can just continue where you left off last time without spending a few minutes finding your place.

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Improve your reading experience

Thanks to Word 2019 you can give your eyes a rest. You can adjust the text spacing in Microsoft Word 2019 with a zoom feature to enlarge or reduce the text It is also important to change the color of the page to provide a clearer and more comfortable view. Microsoft Word 2019 added a very useful feature to ensure your convenience. You can listen while reading your document aloud, highlighting the text while reading it.


Get all angles with holograms

Easily insert a 3D model, and rotate it 360 degrees. Readers will also be able to change the angle of the image if necessary. Microsoft Word 2019 does not contain traditional tools, as 3D models are a nice addition to this version. Ready 3D graphics are also available to help you, Romix 3D, which you can choose from.

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