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Get Microsoft Office 2019 download and enjoy it’s remarkable features

Office 2019 is back again to conquer the market with its latest and improved version, adding spectacular new features and getting ahead of competition. It is once again all you need to be productive. Microsoft Offers the best tools for those who are looking for efficient and effective solutions and advanced functionalities. You can now Deliver the best presentation with the updated PowerPoint, the best documents with the perfected version of Word and much more significant enhancements. Office 2019 is easier than ever integrating more accessibility features helping you create more effectively and successfully. Office 2019 offers numerous programs : Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019, Outlook 2019, Access 2019, Publisher 2019 and OneNote 2019.

The Top New Changes to Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 brings a lot of new features to the table and improves the visual and functional aspect of the already amazing features. Here are some of the most noticeable features available.

Major new changes in Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft has been working hard to make its programs stylish and pleasant, and to provide everyone with important adaptive features. Below, are the latest updates of Office 2019:

  • Scalable Vector Graphics for Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019
  • Microsoft Translator in Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019
  • LaTeX equation to create Math Equations in Word 2019
  • Morph in PowerPoint 2019 to create smoother animations and movements
  • New navigation feature called Zoom for PowerPoint 2019
  • Surface Pen to navigate slides in PowerPoint 2019
  • Exciting new functions in Excel 2019
  • More powerful Inking functionality for all of Office 2019 programs
  • The latest improvements to Office 2019 will be highlighted in detail below

We will introduce more details about each change of Microsoft Office 2019 below

Office 2019
Microsoft built in Translator

Microsoft built in Translator

The new Office translator is breaking the language barrier at home, at work, and anywhere you need it. you can now translate real time conversations, Globalize your business and customer interactions, and build a more inclusive classroom for both parents and students. Open the Preview tab in your text, and then press the new Translate and Language buttons to use it. From here, you can translate the original document or translate the chosen portion of the text.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics

You can now add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to Excel , Word, and PowerPoint documents in Office 2019. This graphic style can be easily turned, moved, painted, and resized without any loss of image quality. There are also a selection of icons included in the Input tab.

LaTeX Equations in Word 2019

LaTeX Equations in Word 2019

Doing math on your pc has never been more convenient. With the LaTeX syntax of Word 2019, you can now type math with LaTeX equations in Script. Under the tab Form, you can find the alternative LaTeX. You can also click the 'Alt' + '=' button on your keyboard.

Morph in Powerpoint 2019 Adds Outstanding Animations and Motions

Morph in PowerPoint 2019 Adds Outstanding Animations and Motions

The PowerPoint 2019 Morph Transformation allows you to animate smooth transitions from one slide to the next. You can implement the transformation of Morph to slides to give the illusion of motion in a wide variety of objects, such as text, forms, photos, SmartArt graphics, and WordArt.

New PowerPoint 2019 Navigation

New PowerPoint 2019 Zoom Navigation

In this latest Office instalment, PowerPoint 2019 introduces a new interactive navigation platform to show your PowerPoint slides. With "Zoom" you'll get photos for all the slides on a separate tab. You can then click each slide separately, and a brief transition animation will take you through the slide.

Surface Pen Slide Navigation for PowerPoint 2019

Surface Pen Slide Navigation for PowerPoint 2019

Bath in the glory of new amazing technology by using your digital pen in PowerPoint 2019 as a slideshow clicker. Roam freely while presenting your project as the pen can be a wireless remote control up to 30 feet away from your computer.

Exciting new functions in Excel

Exciting new functions in Excel 2019

Several new functions have been introduced to the brand new Excel 2019. First of all we have CONCAT This new feature is like the CONCATENATE app, but better. It's both shorter and simpler to type, but it also supports cell references and range references. Secondly MAXIFS, it can be used to return the highest number within a range, you can also restrict the returned result to a number that meets certain conditions. Thirdly, SWITCH can be used to evaluate the value against the value list and return the output of the first matched value. If no match is found, an optional default value may be set. In addition to TEXTJOIN, This feature combines text from multiple sets, and each object is separated by a delimiter you define. And many more other features and enhancements.

More powerful Inking functionality

More powerful Inking functionality

When you have a touch-screen PC, you'll be delighted to hear about the new ink features added to Microsoft Office 2019. Under Ink Tools Pens, you can select the parameters, including the color of the ink and the width of the brush. Since the days of the first Tablet PCs, digital ink has come a long way. You can now print ink on a touchscreen with your finger, or use a pen to strike Word words to delete them. Increasingly, the majority of touch-screen PCs and tablets use a digital pen. These are more accurate than the capacitive styluses that allow you to write and draw on any touch screen, as well as allowing you to position your hand on the screen without being used as a touch input. For years, OneNote has had outstanding ink support for converting handwriting to text, conducting ink-written math calculations, and cleaning up the shapes you draw. All you can do is draw ink and shapes, highlight text, and pick or remove your ink.

What are the new features of Word 2019

What’s new in Word 2019 ?

Word 2019 has never been more reliable and productive than the way it is now. Microsoft's newest version of Office 2019 is offering a more sophisticated Word 2019. Create, write and post documents on Microsoft's most up to date word processor. The published product has improved the features of this program but it remains similar to its original layout. Work with colleagues on a paper in real time making progress with minimal difficulties. You can see who edited the post, and even comment on it as you move along. The program itself updates automatically, and you can edit the file easily and smoothly. With the new Microsoft Translator you can eliminate limitations and destroy the language barrier. Thanks to the new available icons and 3d images ,you have more ways than ever to add visual interests to your project . Word 2019 continues the unstoppable success created by the previous versions and makes it even better .

What makes Excel 2019 any different ?

Excel of Office Professional 2019 has always been and always will be professionals’ favorite tool, because it never ceases to improve in terms of enhancing visuals, adding better accessibility features and facilitating sharing as well as integrating new tools like adding map charts and funnel charts. Greater than it ever was Excel proves its worth once again by being the best in the industry. The latest enhancements introduced in Excel 2019 seek to fix some of the most frequent concerns.

Excel- Office 2019
Powerpoint - Office 2019

The Most stylish presentation program PowerPoint 2019

Microsoft's PowerPoint 2019 is without a doubt one of Office's most powerful and widely utilized applications. Everyone should make use of PowerPoint at one stage, from helping users organize charts, statistics, facts and information, to helping presenters pass on information to the audience in the simplest and most visually appealing manner. More than 500 million PowerPoint users use the software, with over 300 million presentations produced every day. However, from 1984 (when the first application was launched) to today, the functionality and goal of the app has changed a lot. First, it was built for managers, specialists, technicians and salesmen. It is now for anyone to apply, and while the main techniques for coordinating meetings are still in use, there have been many improvements in functionality.

Take notes like you never did before with OneNote 2019

The 2019 OneNote is a multimedia diary. Using it, you can create infinite folders, pages and parts to keep track of your tasks and comments better than any other software. Yeah, you might be surprised to discover how many ways OneNote 2019 will streamline your workflow and boost your day-to-day productivity. As good as these easy-to-use OneNote applications, they're just a fraction of what OneNote can do. As with other Microsoft computers, OneNote integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps, including Word 2019, PowerPoint 2019 and Excel 2019. If you're not already using it, you're literally taking notes in the Stone Age.

Outlook - Office 2019

how to master Outlook 2019 ?

It's been almost two decades since Outlook 2019 became the company's go-to email program and is still a favorite among many home and casual users. Microsoft has taken customer reviews from Outlook 2019 and offered a range of new features that make it even simpler and less trouble-free for Outlook to work with. Outlook 2019 is a type of software that has a feature that varies slightly depending on the type of accounts you have. For example, if you're using a Microsoft Exchange email account for your work, you'd have access to Publish special content with Publisher 2019 apps that most people never get to use, such as booking conference rooms and other meeting places, while planning an immediate out-of-office email response. And if you have a POP email address, you can assign messages and calendar events such as status flags and color groups. People who have IMAP email addresses do not have one.

What is Microsoft Publisher 2019 ?

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application. What makes it different from Microsoft Word is that the emphasis is placed on page layout and design rather than text composition and proofing. It is a digital publishing software that enables you to build professional magazines such as newsletters, blogs, brochures, catalogues, posters, postcards, invitations, greetings and business cards, letterheads, envelopes, company types, flags, schedules, certificates and menus.

Publisher - Office 2019